"If you’re ever in need of a good woodwind doubler, Michael Gray is the guy. I’ve done numerous pit shows with him, big band stuff, and ballet, and he’s one of the few players I’ve run across who can do it all in the appropriate style, changing effortlessly among the different genres. Super nice, too, and easy to work with or give occasional suggestions to. He won’t take a comment about dynamics or intonation as a personal affront, but as an effort to improve the group’s sound. He’s a pro, in other words. One recent show I did with him involved him on SEVEN instruments, from picc to clarinets and on down to bari sax."

"Michael is the other side of the coin, and a joy to work with. He has that hard-to-define (and hard-to-teach) pit sensitivity, innately knowing when to bring the dynamics down to accommodate a singer or important line on stage (who we are accompanying, after all), without even being told to."

-Jason Ford, trumpet