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Mark2 Dev Kit

If you’ve gotten involved with Neon.AI doing their developer bounties, you may have requested or received a Mark 2 Dev Kit instead of a production Mark 2. The original Mark 2 dev kits had an acrylic housing and some 3D printed parts. The newer Mark 2 dev kits generally come in an entirely 3D printed housing.

The directions that get sent out with dev kits are a bit out of date. You may receive a dev kit that has some parts pre-assembled. These are the correct instructions for assembling a 3D printed Mark 2 dev kit.

Note that while most of the pieces are easily assembled with simple tools that most computer hardware tinkerers have on hand, you really do need a soldering iron to get the threaded inserts into the 3D printed parts. A cheap soldering iron is fine for this task if you don’t already have one. Just be careful not to leave the superheated insert in the plastic too long - it will definitely distort and melt! After a couple of tries you should get the hang of it.


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