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Nomad Homelab

Warning: This post is over 365 days old. The information may be out of date.

In my ongoing quest to become a mad scientist, I realized I had a bunch of compute sitting around my home, largely unused. I could try to choose what runs on which machine and track and manage it all…

But why?

So instead, I embarked on a quest to make it all part of one big Nomad cluster at home. The Nomad server is a single qemu VM running on my Synology NAS system, which is also on a UPS to keep it running until my generator kicks on. Since Hashicorp Nomad separates the notion of server (orchestrator) and client (worker), that single VM is all I really need to schedule basically any workloads I need to at home.

What’s on each client?

Name Specs Service Scheduler
emilys-imac M1 iMac with Docker Desktop launchd
Prometheus WSL2 running Ubuntu 20.04 init.d
fury M1 MacBook Air laptop launchd
sisyphus Raspberry Pi 3B print server systemd
athena Old Ubuntu 20.04 laptop systemd
Prometheus-Win11 Windows 11 Gaming Laptop with a 3070ti Windows Service

The laptops have an environment:Laptop meta setting so I can specify not to use those for jobs that need to be more persistent, although it probably doesn’t matter because if a container fails it’ll get rescheduled onto available compute.

So where do we go from here? Well, I have ideas…

I’ve got several Raspberry Pi boards sitting around waiting to be brought to life, which I plan to manage via Ansible and add to this cluster. I’m considering keeping the Raspberry Pis in a separate DC just for consistency’s sake, but there’s probably no reason for it. I also have a small stack of Raspberry Pi Zero Ws but I discovered the hard way that there isn’t a binary for that architecture. Eventually I need to figure out how to compile it so I can add those to the cluster for ad-hoc jobs.

As for actual services, I need to write some code! I have some thoughts on writing some queue-based services that integrate with Mycroft AI and my home automation via Home Assistant. I also have some cron tasks and batch jobs I’ve been thinking of adding, plus a Discord bot, which could all find a home on this cluster instead of in the cloud.

I’ll keep folks posted!